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INDIA has plans to increase its effort on the education of girl child and enhancement of livelihood opportunities of the masses exploring new vista of development with dignity. In this context we value the importance of our stakeholders and partners and thank them for the support they have made for the success of our programmes and policies.

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Intervention against Atrocities and Discrimination towards Dalits

Over the years the organization has been engaged in raising voice against the discriminatory practices adopted by the upper class communities against the Dalits or downtrodden (classified as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and other backward classes by the Constitution). It has also been intervening in the community to abate discrimination and atrocities caused to latter and to bring them to the mainstream socio-economic structure thereby improving their lot. Lobbing and advocacy, community awareness, intervention etc have been the approaches we have followed in this context.

Activities against Caste Violence and Social Harmony

INDIA has been maintaining harmony in the society by intervening in cases leading to caste related violence as well as educating the community against it. It has been our endeavour to advocate and work for a society having no anti-feelings among different castes, but peaceful co-existence among them.

Child Rights

In advocating the cause of child rights INDIA intervenes to safeguard the following kinds of rights:
1. Right to survival
2. Right to development
3. Right to Protection (against child labour, child abuse, foeticide)
4. Right to Participate (action to curb class and caste discrimination in school functions, school meets, sports, cultural programmess, MDM)
The organization is committed to ensure the above rights of the children of the target area through its various intervention and facilitation programmes. They include checking malnutrition of children, ensuring child immunization, facilitating regular functioning of mid-day meal scheme, facilitating smooth functioning of ICDS centres, reduction in malnutrition level, obstructing discrimination on caste at the school and in the village.

Women Rights

India has been taking various measures from time to time to empower women and make them resilient enough to fight for their rights. Women Clubs have been formed by our facilitation which work on woman related issues.

Land and Forest Rights and Migration

Facilitating homesteads for the backward class communities (Scheduled castes, other backward classes) without land and ensuring forest land right for the tribals are the activities pursued by INDIA over the years. Such activities also include use of non-timber forest produce by tribal communities in accordance with the Forest Rights Act of the Government.
In view of the large scale migration of workers, including a substantial proportion of Dalits taking place from the State to distant places like Gujurat, Karnatak and Maharastra, INDIA is making people aware of its vices through video shows of insanitary conditions and drudgery in which these workers live there, while at the same time making them aware of the job opportunities available in the locality.

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